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1st dAy at pgce . BluEs color..verY tired aT daT moMentZ. cAn seE thrOugh ouR faCez except Si WaNi anD FaHimaH. ConTroL siH!


pgce~2nd dAy i thiNk. BlaCk n WhiTe rite? Not liZard sHit (tAik ciCak) k! SoMe told uS loOk likE waiTresS…hmmm…exPenSive mAa dAt cloThes… quiTe tight!..oH i haTe iT! ... eL tAke pix while fHmaH diSappeAr…enJoy wiF heR famiLy i gueSs!


1st tRip aT soUthern oF peNang BridGe. Oh God! I riLy enJoy duRing mY fiNaL yeAr proJecT. wiF mY beSt frEn haRliNa aS my Partner fYp n moJy, pHd stUdenT. LoT of exPeriEnceZ wE sHarEd 2gEtheR.


diS is the GoRgeOus sigNboArD in SkoL pHysiCZ...GeoPhysiCs LaB..sPend The wHoLe 3 yeArs herE! StdyiNg, exPeriMentZ, LecT rooMz N wHateVer...

oUr ClaZz...bIg tabLe! duSty sMoL chaiR!

suPPorT our teaM~saUjaNa foR tiLawAh aLquraN...aT uSm traNskriAn...anD meEt mY couSinz..woW..i doNnO he Can siNg weLL!


oPen HouSe..En YaaKub, mY faV Lab aSSistanT...nYumMy3..Like keDaH peOple alWayZ saY~Melantak!...haha


triP 2 KeraChuT isLanD...loVe theM a LotZ!..goNna miSs boTh of TheM...

reD coLor~i Guess maYbe diS coLor Give ‘miracLe’ to oUr poWerpuFf gurlZ!...

mY LuvLy teAm...enJoY doiNg worKz wiF theM. tenSion? FighT? BlaMinG eaCh othErz?...oH no! wE noT liKe daTz..eiUw...haTe teAm liKe daTz!


PesTa sG niBonG..tiCkeT frEe...thAnx 2 mY siS...sO enJoy pLayinG aLL gaMes theRe...vomiT?..who?...oH my GosH! chAnge tOpic pLez!..he3


2nd tRip fYp..weT?..oH i haTe it! But i loVe iT! Dis is mY paRtner,liNa. takE ouR reaDingZ!

whiLe me takinG seA waTer..bAsaH biS suAr i!..aisH!...n u kNo wHaT? i see fuckiNg meN kenCinG bwH jmBtaN! neAr ouR boaT! n i touChed daT waTer... eiUw..haTe it!...riLy neEd liFebuoY aFter daT!


mY coUrseMaTe...GurNey~seOul gArdEn...aCtuallY i Hate eAt frEsh meAt...emm buT wAt 2 dO..alRedi paiD. So haVe 2 eAt daTz. mY freNz luV it verY mucH. I pRefeR naSi jeR...heee.

rily miss all enjoy ur life frenz! u gonna miss it after u alredi finish stdy!