mrz doubeh
I often think of life as a rotating wheel. Sometimes we are up and sometimes we are down. It is natural process of life. But how long we always be like dat? Its difficult to find someone happy without any sadness in their life. But who know?...

Actually i just finished up reading chapter "Knowing you, Knowing Others". Just borrowed d book (Live to Win) from my fren. Quite interesting and rily meaningful to me. Everyone can known himself/herself better if he/she spends more time thinking about this deeply. The need to know others is just as important as knowing ourselves because we cannot live alone without existence of others. How much we know each other will determine the harmony in human living. Insyaallah...

Feel empty. Like nothing going on! I donno why..and why it happen to me rite now?...
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mrz doubeh
Kadang-kadang aq takut nak jadi diri sendiri
Susah bila kte kena jaga ati kawan2 yang laen
Kadang-kadang diorang tak memahami apa yang kita fahami
Susah nak explain
Mulut kata A and hati kata B
Pe2 pun mudah-mudahan sentiasa berjalan lancar pe yg kte idam2 kan...
Cuba dan terus cuba agar tidak menjadi apa yang sepatutnya x patut jadi walaupun sudah berusaha x nak jadi tp terjadi...:)
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mrz doubeh
Tak terlambat untuk aq wish epi new year..
Umah sewa baru..
Tak banyak berubah dari dulu..
Cuma sedikit selesa...

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