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You are a warm person who is affectionate and emotional. You have a complex emotional pattern. You are a thorough and careful thinker. You like to experiment with new ideas. You do things according to your own rules. You are confident and able to take charge. You have a strong emotional drive and are a great communicator. Next year can be a very good year for you if you take the challenges that await you and be patient with your friends and family.
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mrz doubeh

*credit 2 kakna
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mrz doubeh

Jiwa kacau
Susah nak kenal hati budi orang
Last-last aq yang tertekan
Kalaulah dia memahami apa yang aq inginkan
Kalaulah dia tahu pe yang aq mahu
Kalaulah dia cuba memikirkan kembali
Kalaulah dia tak mengungkit
Kalaulah aq juga cuba fahami
Kalaulah aq cuba untuk paham apa kehendak dia
Mungkin ok je...
Smua hanya 'kalau'

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mrz doubeh

Marah aq...
Dah baca mesej kat fon aq tapi buat bodoh...
Ingat aq tak tahulah tuh
Sabar jelah
Tak payah lah buat muka
Kalo x puas ati ckap jelah
Ntah apa yang menarik tentang aq ntah...
Sabar jela
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mrz doubeh

Salam maulidur rasul...

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mrz doubeh
Rabbit - 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011

This is your year! Though it may not be absolutely perfect, there's nothing much to be concerned about either - just be prepared to deflect any negative vibes that may come in your way. Expect smooth financial operations and some measure of support from other people at your time of need.

12 zodiac animal signs – rabbit
• Single Rabbits will experience a rather quiet year for romance this year and it is advisable to focus on other aspects in life.
• Those in a relationship will have a peaceful romantic year ahead.

• Exercise caution as this is a year of potential accidents and injuries.
• Take steps to minimize any untoward dangers or incidents and curb that urge to take up any extreme sports.
Other signs...(^_^)
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mrz doubeh
Kadang-kadang kita mengharap sesuatu yang lebih baik...

Tapi susah bagi kita nak kecapi...

Cuba dan terus berusaha...

Walaupun mengambil masa yang lama...

Tapi jika kita bersungguh-sungguh pasti kita berjaya...

Setiap sesuatu yang berlaku pasti ada hikmahnya...

Kadang-kadang kita merancang tapi Allah yang menentukan...

Sesuatu yang telah pergi takkan kembali lagi melainkan dengan izin-Nya

Moga-moga hari yang mendatang aku lebih cekal dan berubah demi masa depan...

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